What services does a fiduciary offer?

A fiduciary provides a variety of services aimed at assisting both individuals and companies with the various administrative, financial and fiscal obligations they are faced with.

This includes the following tasks:

  • Preparation of personal tax returns
  • Keeping the accounts
  • Establishment of salary slips and social security statements
  • Establishment of VAT statements
  • Closing of the annual accounts
  • Tax advice
  • Audit of the accounts of the companies concerned
  • Administrative and real estate management of companies

Why use a fiduciary?

In addition to relieving you of administrative work that can be heavy and complex, a fiduciary can help you in the key moments of the life of your company:

  • When creating your company, a fiduciary accompanies you in the choice of the right legal structure as well as in the administrative steps;
  • During the life of your company, a fiduciary will help you with the realization of the annual accounts but also accomplish for you complex tasks such as the establishment of the wage slips and the VAT statements, all this while benefiting from expert advice. You can thus concentrate on your business without having to worry about these administrative and fiscal obligations;
  • When transferring your company, a fiduciary advises you on tax and accounting aspects in order to make the best decisions for your future and for the future of your company.

Where to find us?

Our trustee is accessible at two addresses in the Entremont district:

  • ORSIERES : Rte de la Vallée 12, PO box 76, 1937 Orsières
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Do not hesitate to contact us at 027 / 783 15 31 in Orsieres and 027 / 771 10 04 in Verbier.